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did u kick me out of the park? if u did, plain rude!
Skaterboarder Totoro (31 Dec 2008):
WAIT!! i remember! oh wait, i dont remember anymore becuz it was yesterday when i remembered something, but i forgot. JB ROX!! :D
Skaterboarder Totoro (31 Dec 2008):
Psst, PSST, PSST!!!!! oh, nvm
Justpeter Totoro (30 Dec 2008):
Thanx for the avatar blu you realy awesome :D remember i am awesomer than you >:D Well see you lat8r on warbears and i hope that belle is gonna be your gf one day :P
Chaniii Mazinga (30 Dec 2008):
OH NO...I have too many friends I have 911
Chaniii Mazinga (29 Dec 2008):
Hiya,Yes...I am bored :P Have you asked out Belle yet?
Walt Anderson (22 Dec 2008):
[color=green:f8f3c6fb81][/color:f8f3c6fb81] Your the best Blu! :o :wink: :roll: :D Your Pal Walt
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