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Ivy Panzerotten

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Sparkles Lebowski (15 Jul 2010):
Your the best wife ever and i love u so much ur like a sister to me and more Love u with all my heart :uhoh: :3 Omhosh My ninja is so awesome you get one for being so awesome it may stalk u u better watch out :ninja: ^_^
Sparkles Lebowski (11 Apr 2010):
your one of my best friends and ur amazing awesome and great and kind and i love u ur nice to everyone thats i love u cuz ur nice to me
Marmaduke Harlan (11 Feb 2010):
:-.= hi bianca im you from the past never forget some one annnoying stole your valtines candy BYE (its on alines profile cause i cant send it to me on my profile DANT OPEN THIS FOR A LONG TIME[b]BYEE
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