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Ox Simpson (7 Feb 2010):
Ox, the woodland hero!
Hannahann Giffuri (30 Jan 2010):
Hey Grizzly, I know i haven't been online a-lot since I had finals this week. But The beautiful part is that i pass all my classes yay! Well I am going to try to get online on the weekends. I hope. I can't wait to see you! Hannahann
Sparkles Lebowski (23 Jan 2010):
i love u as a friend
Comanderbear Simpson (22 Nov 2009):
Howdy. :)
Hannahann Giffuri (10 Oct 2009):
Hey Griz, I know i haven't been long. I been busy with school stuff. I am missing u like crazy. well good luck on your test! :D Love always, Hannahann
Hannahann Giffuri (19 Sep 2009):
That so awesome! I hope i can online when my homework is done but I have a-lot of homework doing the week but i try to get on. Hannahann :D
Hannahann Giffuri (2 Sep 2009):
Hey, I am sorry for what happend. I should told u i had to go but I am not shy at all that we are dating. I hope u forgive me i am really sorry
Alexisroks Burritos (18 Aug 2009):
FWENDS FOREVA dont get silly its never ok to eat cat food =) YES GRIZZLY THAT GOES FOR DOG FOOD AS WELL!!! :stare: :ninja: :-s :? :shock: :o :P
Hannahann Giffuri (12 Aug 2009):
Hey Griz, U are such an awesome friend. :D Thank you for the flower you gave me. you are a great guy. well i am leaving on a quick cello note. Bye! always your friend, Hannahann
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