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Colours Anderson

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Credits: 500
Award Points: 0
Citizen days: 4'807
Joined: 7 Aug 2010
Last Visit: 7 Nov 2010
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Hailey Smith (12 Aug 2010):
hey colours got ur comment but my names not Nicki ](*,) :-s so um i think u sent the wrong person a comment but anyway ur an awesome person so dont ever change ♥♥
Nicki Burritos (11 Aug 2010):
Ello Colours, since u made me a comment heres one 4 u 2 :ninja: -Nicki :3
Sparkles Lebowski (11 Aug 2010):
Hey Smexy,Yeah i went there your totally mine forever so back off boys and gals Shes mine forever and nothings going to change that Hehehe Mine =DDDDD Luv u and ur like the best No wait You are the best =DDD Back off boys Mine you hear that :D ](*,) :3 :uhoh:
Sparkles Lebowski (10 Aug 2010):
Got ur comment i want to be ur stalker can i buy one Plzz and thank u
Chick Anderson (10 Aug 2010):
Hi Colours, Your really nice I'm very fond of you because your soo kind and i just want to say I love you like a fat kid loves cake :D
Churro Burritos (8 Aug 2010):
Colours u r a.....colorful person xD ahaha nd cute avatar :P :D :) :P :) :wink:
Sparkles Lebowski (8 Aug 2010):
Colours,i wanna to say Hi and your like the nicest person i met and i wanna to say your so amesome and that Im glad i met u =) :ninja: :) :clap: :3 :uhoh: ^_^
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