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Bridget Carpenter

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Credits: 509
Award Points: 10
Citizen days: 5'235
Joined: 23 Dec 2009
Last Visit: 7 Aug 2010
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Rated Carpenter (9 Jan 2010):
Hi Sis Thx for the Comment :D
Skatez Totoro (9 Jan 2010):
Happy New Year! hope for the best in 2010 :D
Elyssa Harlan (9 Jan 2010):
Hi Bridget your a nice friend for letting me hang around with you thank you. P.S I owe you a faver so tell me if you need anything I might not e on much because my Dad travel's places so we don't settle anywhere so we don't get internet but I am alowed in internet cafe's :D
Calisa Lebowski (7 Jan 2010):
I meet a girl at the bar. I let her know who you are. I told her you are the love of my life and one day you will be my wifery. It was those 3 words saving my life . I love you. I love you. I love you. You know your role in my heart cant nothing tear us apart. :P LOL
Eleanor Anderson (31 Dec 2009):
hiya Bridget Babe, Happy New Year! 2010 2010 2010!! :D :D :D
Skatez Totoro (30 Dec 2009):
Hello Bridget Nice Avatar !! Stop getting cool avatars =;
Milkshake Anderson (30 Dec 2009):
Hiyaa :D :D Bridget whats up anyway Merry Christmas And a happy new year :D
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