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Birthday: 31 Dec 1998
Age: 25
I miss this site more than I like to admit
Credits: 5'493
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Joined: 7 Jul 2010
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hi cutie
scrotum whisperer ;)))
What? You liar! You ain't got no pat hand. You didn't deal yourself no pat hand!
Geez, Gordie. Why couldn't you have gotten breakfast stuff? Like Twinkies and Pez and Root Beer?
Okay. Then you won't mind if we check the seat of your jockies for Hershey squirts, will you?
That was the all-time train dodge! Too cool! Vern, you were so scared you looked like that fat guy, Abbott Costello, when he saw the mummy.
Don't pay any attention to those fools, Lardass-er, I mean Davy.
"Suck my fat one"? Whoever told you that you had a fat one, Lachance?
You wish.
Ha ha ha! Come on, Choppy! Bite my ass, Choppy! Bite my ass! Bite shit. Come on, Choppy! Sic balls, Choppy!
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