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Tristan Giffuri

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Credits: 1'191
Award Points: 7'870
Citizen days: 4'609
Joined: 12 Apr 2008
Last Visit: 27 Mar 2013
Total Forum Posts: 119
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Celticwolf Svoltaire (19 Mar 2009):
[color=green:66e0b6a5da]*Celticwolf eats Tristan[/color:66e0b6a5da] 'Nuff said.
Namali Carpenter (12 May 2008):
I applaud you in your great friendship :clap: and think you are a great agent :roll: But sometimes when you don't listen I feel like I'm talking to a brickwall ](*,) ![color=red:8b0b5d094f][/color:8b0b5d094f][size=24:8b0b5d094f][/size:8b0b5d094f] Please come on to the bedtime city and GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS!!!!!! |:s |:s #-o
Equisguy Totoro (1 May 2008):
Hey tristan ur a great friend..Anyway have u noticed that mostly ppl's server connection fails...umm do u know why that's happening???? :?: :( ..oh especially my server connection is failing 2...Sooo I can't see u 4 sometime..sad :?
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