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Gruff Burritos

Real name: Dave
Current location: England
Credits: 4'736
Award Points: 11'530
Citizen days: 5'821
Joined: 26 Oct 2007
Last Visit: 2 Jan 2017
Total Forum Posts: 27
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Maroon Mazinga (6 Aug 2008):
:clap: :clap: :clap: HE IS THE best! i sware! the best. :D :D :D thanks so much! for helping me MATE!
Ginger Giffuri (4 Aug 2008):
Don't You Worry. Im Online Now aren't I. And I Know It's Boring Without Me Im Being Told All The Time. Ive Just Been Busy With Homework And Listening To Music And Going To Gigs. But Dont Worry. I should Be Online On A Regular Basis From Now On. Unless Im Out Partying Or Whatever. :P
Honda Harlan (27 Jul 2008):
you rock Gruffman
Libby Harlan (5 Jul 2008):
heyya.x whassup!? im bored!!you tell me!!.xox
Elvis House (10 Jun 2008):
Working hard with those Credits huh gruff? congratulaitions on you 14th comment
Rubert House (25 May 2008):
youre the best!! :D
Aniyah Anderson (16 May 2008):
hey let me tell you something about myself. my name is anni i like candy im the best! [color=black:3c7003f049][/color:3c7003f049][list] love,lela :D :P
Captin Simpson (17 Apr 2008):
The avtar is freaky!
Spike Carpenter (10 Apr 2008):
hey gruff! you are a great guy you know that? :) i'm adding more Rammstein songs to your website ;)
Acey Risotto (11 Mar 2008):
[b:4f2d6cdb45]HI GRUFF[/b:4f2d6cdb45] Best Friend In Da Whole World
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