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Muik Burritos

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Joined: 10 Jan 2007
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Vaaporize Simpson (27 Mar 2007):
thanks for the invite!
Kai Brancacane (24 Mar 2007):
dude help me with the secret location plz plz plz plz im gonna keep saying plz plz help me? :D
Jr Smith (24 Mar 2007):
how do u do dat secret mission thing?i like can neva pass it :uhoh: D:< O_o :shock: ](*,)
Stevie Anderson (21 Mar 2007):
I'm having a party come if you'd like.
Colton Smith (17 Mar 2007):
haha you have like 8,00000000000000 friends you rock!!
Azngrl Harlan (14 Mar 2007):
[color=violet:4a90bb54c9][/color:4a90bb54c9]Hi! Thnx for adding me on ur buddy list. :D :) p.s. nice avatar! :lol:
Rocker Totoro (14 Mar 2007):
yo party at my place asap c ya there
Calvin Mazinga (13 Mar 2007):
Yo Muik. Still writing songs? Greetings from Germany.
Sam Harlan (11 Mar 2007):
i also want to be your friend :D
Agenor Lebowski (9 Mar 2007):
OMG... you got a lot of friends here.. nice to be one of them...
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