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Lunaraura Carpenter (31 Dec 2007):
oh same..i quit warbear too, but i still go on it whenever i am super duper bored. Now i am just addicted to Runescape, I am on it 24/7. Add me if you still play on it, my user is "silentdark56". i keep dieing though, but o well... ](*,) ](*,)
Lunaraura Carpenter (1 Oct 2007):
ahh. this isnt fair, i wrote so much but then i pressed reset by accident and now everything is erased, i shall write again.. :( lol Finally, you remerber my name, and stop making fun of my name, it really hurts my feeling. lol just kidding!! :gringrin: :gringrin: ya i personally think gaia is like 99999 times better than runescape. i guess runescape is more for guys. just too much killing... yep yep! :gringrin:
Lunaraura Carpenter (15 Sep 2007):
nah..is ok..i don't want to died again..lol :gringrin:
Lunaraura Carpenter (29 Jul 2007):
runscape is so hard, right after i finish the tutorial, i got some items and then i got kill by this guy which i dont even know, n now all my items are gone :cry: :cry:
Lunaraura Carpenter (28 Jul 2007):
wow...runescape is better than i though, thanks!! so far so good, i am still doing the tutorial part, i spend like an hour on it, i really sux, lol , just so u want to know, my usename is kara_mamoru. :gringrin: :gringrin:
Lunaraura Carpenter (31 May 2007):
woah..what r u talkign about almost everyone in warbear knows u.. n u cant leave now..this game just got some cool update u gotta check it out!! and without you..i dont know how warbear will turn to be.. anyway plz visi more often so i could chat with you!! ^_^ ^_^
Lunaraura Carpenter (20 May 2007):
umm..when u were gone, warbear became a boredom place. it was so boring bcuz everyone was bore talking to boring poeple including me!!! thats why u should go online more often so this place will turn into a more interesting place so that everyone will not be in boredom again!! zzzzz...argg i am bored again!! zzzzzzzzzzz yawn* sorry i am sp bored that i want to go to sleep now!! c ya :gringrin: :gringrin:
Lunaraura Carpenter (21 Mar 2007):
i like cheese pizza more than you. i eat it like everyday at school during lunch. hahaha. u cant beat me!!!. :lol: n i wont meet you at your house because u call me a copycat when u r the one who is copying me D:< i dont know if u have smelly feet or not but most boys do and i think that includes you!!!!! hahahaha O_o *_*
Lunaraura Carpenter (18 Mar 2007):
COPYCAT!!! u copy my room. i am mad at u now.. :lol: i am joking. so u got busted by your brother. hahahah!! :P i am so sleepy bye
Lunaraura Carpenter (18 Mar 2007):
nah..i am not going to quizaboom. i cant even answer a single question ](*,) i am so dumb lol and i like Pizza too. especially extra extra eztra cheese pizza. i love cheese. see!!!! i am eating cheese right now too :-&
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