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Abbey Totoro (17 Feb 2009):
dude strangely i ahd a comment from darkrebel saying that you said to him i was banned from BTC? if so then how am i talk to you :3 read the colour not the words in the stroop test XD[color=blue:be805cdeda]Red[/color:be805cdeda][color=green:be805cdeda]purple[/color:be805cdeda][color=yellow:be805cdeda]blue[/color:be805cdeda][color=red:be805cdeda]green[/color:be805cdeda][color=indigo:be805cdeda]yellow[/color:be805cdeda]
Pablo Giffuri (25 Jan 2009):
your a best friend a guy could want. i like your base
Cloudia Carpenter (21 Jan 2009):
hi wots up :wink:
Abbey Totoro (19 Jan 2009):
me and darkrebel have settled on a new pokemon that is mixed with piplup and mudkip we call it pipkip
Abbey Totoro (3 Jan 2009):
Yo' wanna appear in an A.D video (stuff mattman hes being a ***t) @ sometime. Just PM me when you want to do it or if you dont want to.^-^
Darkrebel Anderson (2 Dec 2008):
we are in the awsome clan
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