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Valkriyie Mazinga

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Aiden Svoltaire (31 May 2008):
yo there dude ur fotographer here still hot LOL
Homey Simpson (28 May 2008):
SHE IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zatch Smith (9 May 2008):
I have to check your house.I forgot! #-o
Tomza Smith (29 Apr 2008):
:D its not dotty eneymore its black :D
Kassy Giffuri (19 Apr 2008):
your the best friend in all btc and the comic are fab :clap:
Dilman Anderson (21 Mar 2008):
Was up girl u re the BEST friend in all of btc plus i no some one who likes u message me if u ant to no who hehehe lol :P :heart:
Izzy Calothycos (21 Mar 2008):
I think I love you :heart: Hahaha JOKING :gringrin:
Izzy Calothycos (20 Mar 2008):
You are an awesome friend! :wink: [color=darkred:9f3581f40c][/color:9f3581f40c][size=24:9f3581f40c][/size:9f3581f40c]
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