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Lunaraura Carpenter

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Credits: 643
Award Points: 10'520
Citizen days: 5'248
Joined: 31 Jan 2007
Last Visit: 24 Apr 2010
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Rhapsody Mazinga (2 Aug 2009):
Hi Lunaraura hows going?
Yoshiyakiryu House (13 Mar 2009):
My mom's going over to your place tonight again. #-o You guys are going on a vacation tomorrow? Lucky. xP But you'll be all tired. [-X Heh. Anyways, yeah, have fun tomorrow.
Leoiscool Svoltaire (1 Jan 2009):
:ninja: yo i was wondering...could i sleep on the floor instead of in the tub?
Stevie Anderson (24 May 2008):
Whats your username again? I keep forgetting. ](*,) I tried it 5 times but it didn't work.... Make sure your private chat says online like or able to talk to anyone or whatever it says. :)
Stevie Anderson (5 Jan 2008):
hey my runescape name is fayt shaper and i'm sometimes on my pure...........bl00d god2
Niall Calothycos (1 Jan 2008):
Stevie Anderson (30 Dec 2007):
hey i'm quitting warbears just so you know. you've been a good friend, bye :(
Nadine Simpson (23 Nov 2007):
She's a really great friend who's down to earth and cares about the things around her.Either it's pets,animals,or even people.She's the one who loves you like a sister!Two thumbs up for Luna!If i could find the thumb emoticon. =D> :gringrin:
Fiona Lebowski (20 Nov 2007):
The new Hot dog icon... It Rocks!!! <3 <3
Kayelin Smith (6 Oct 2007):
You are sooooo cool Luna! I am still in love with your house!! :-D Don't forget it!
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