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Milo Mazinga

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Credits: 190
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Citizen days: 5'195
Joined: 3 Feb 2010
Last Visit: 1 Apr 2011
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Rodney Simpson (30 Sep 2010):
Hey bro thanks for the comment You Rock dude!! :D :D :) :3 You're Awesome!! :clap: ^_^ :D :) :3 :wink:
Freefall Anderson (30 Aug 2010):
Who owns? You own. Who's the best? You're the best. Förresten, går det utför med vår lilla klubb/gäng?
Hilary Carpenter (8 Aug 2010):
[size=24:1aa856b3b9][/size:1aa856b3b9][color=blue:1aa856b3b9][/color:1aa856b3b9] Hai milo u rock and you're awsome hihi You're the coolest friend Ewah =D :gringrin: :D :D :gringrin:
Rocko Totoro (15 May 2010):
Dude your like the awesomest guy I know! :D Rock on bro rock on! :D
Rayan Giffuri (3 Apr 2010):
milo du e den bästa vänen jag haft :D :D :D du e snäll och cool och du kommer att vara en bra ledare :D
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