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Juhn Simpson

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Veronicaa Smith (20 Jan 2008):
talking about waht?im sorry i posted you the comment by mistake,my other frend olso has a similar username,i had a misunderustaniding lolz anyways i didnt get you,what do u think im saying about you??lol, im kinda confused cya around lv ya <3..:heart: *ronnie
Veronicaa Smith (6 Jan 2008):
[u][color=red:f05c40f6fd][/color:f05c40f6fd][size=18:f05c40f6fd][/size:f05c40f6fd]Okay,this is my besst frend(well,one of them)shes REally sweet, although,iv not met her for a long time,lol.anyways,shes really sweet,and a "babe" im really very fond of her,and all my frends love her,like Johnson,imean as a frend,lol.and they all are really happy 2 have a frend like her,and so am i!!! lol ok i gtg. cya l8rr <3 yaa.. *ron..
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