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Wottie Mazinga

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Credits: 2'653
Award Points: 11'880
Citizen days: 4'401
Joined: 3 Jan 2009
Last Visit: 15 Sep 2012
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Johan Burritos (7 Aug 2009):
hey wottie it's johan You're a really nice guy!!!!!!! :D
Swimmer Simpson (13 Apr 2009):
Wottie, i am quitting warbears. I will still get on to visit, and hopefully we will be on at the same time when i do, i really need to talk to you. Its important. I don't wanna make you feel bad, but you are PART (not the only) reason i am quitting. I can't wait on you forever. Sorry, and goodbye - Swimmer Simpson
Swimmer Simpson (20 Mar 2009):
Bloo Svoltaire (6 Mar 2009):
so,Wottie do we have that code yet? :-k :-k
Abomb Anderson (1 Mar 2009):
Wottie, I think Msc is ready to be co-boss so, ok. :-k :clap:
Abomb Anderson (23 Feb 2009):
hey wottie talk to me some time i have something important to tell you :uhoh: :| sooooooooooooooooooo, please find me your friend, Abomb
Nathan Giffuri (7 Feb 2009):
hey dude thanks for letting me join the group i think this gang is gonna grow pretty fast with me :wink: :-k :)
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