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Walt Anderson

Real name: Will
Current location: MA/NC
Credits: 2'194
Award Points: 15'170
Citizen days: 4'392
Joined: 19 Oct 2008
Last Visit: 18 Aug 2020
Total Forum Posts: 146
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Mrpoma Burritos (30 Mar 2009):
Oh em gee, now I have to pay for your funeral! |:s How dare you make me pay thousands of dollars! :gringrin:
Mrpoma Burritos (20 Mar 2009):
No, it's not as bad as AIDS. It's WORSE! :stare:
Mrpoma Burritos (19 Mar 2009):
:stare: :shock: *gaps* Ghelunk?! You have that disease? Get medicine, and FAST! dis cud be seereus
Awesomeness!!! :angry:
Freeze Calothycos (7 Feb 2009):
You are
Denisa Lebowski (4 Feb 2009):
Hey walt!What's up? :D Hey wait...you have more friends than me?Ugh..I am sad because of you.. :( .......................... Hahaha kidding! :D You are more awesome than me(I have to say that) and you are one of my best friends on wb! :) Peace!
Madeleine Simpson (31 Jan 2009):
Heh Heh Heh :D I Juv You Too Mistah Walt! Messes Maddy And Mistah Walt Forever&Always :D [color=violet:feaaa02e68]Maddy<33.[/color:feaaa02e68] P.S. Wuvs You ^.^
Mrjonas Calothycos (18 Jan 2009):
Waltermelon is a very Proffessional name Walt love it
Fergie Carpenter (11 Jan 2009):
Mistah Walty! Hiya! Sup fella?
Eman Carpenter (25 Dec 2008):
you are da man! :D :D :D :D :D
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