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Mahmoud Smith

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Credits: 3'539
Award Points: 10'480
Citizen days: 4'260
Joined: 30 Jan 2010
Last Visit: 17 Jun 2011
Total Forum Posts: 11
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Presto Svoltaire (31 Dec 2010):
:ninja: vs :ninja: THAT FOR YOU MAN. Rock on
Hailey Smith (3 Sep 2010):
hey MAH ur really awesome and ur my secret lover dont tell anyone...shhh im glad to have a member of our "club" who understands me btw I AM A LOSER :oops: :P :D :ninja: :uhoh: :angry: :3 :-k :wink:
Emi Calothycos (1 Aug 2010):
:ninja: ](*,) you dont rock my socks but you rock my locks :) ^_^ :S anyway i dun lik adventure time with finn and cake but i like it with finn and jake :P randomest comment of the dya goes to EMI! anyway u win the trophy of being nice :P
Muffer Burritos (5 Jul 2010):
:ninja: ](*,) You rock my socks!!!1! :gringrin: :gringrin:
Milo Mazinga (20 May 2010):
Ca i be in the gang again .. im sorry . for that thing before :(
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