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Tanner Harlan

Real name: Tanner
Current location: Pittsburgh
My names Tanner, I liked warbears but than everyone slowly dissapeared, only to be replaced by oncoming players, i still remember most of my friends, and still hope to see them one day. I myself also, dont come on here often, but when i do, i hope a comic will insue!
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Citizen days: 4'705
Joined: 2 Mar 2008
Last Visit: 4 Jul 2013
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Mdr Anderson (7 Sep 2009):
you play on caaasual :gringrin:
Kathren Burritos (7 May 2009):
ello tanner!!! your such a good friend to me and i should be the same to you thanks for being a true friend tanner :) :) :) :) :wink: :wink:
Mdr Anderson (27 Apr 2009):
random........thats all i can say(this IS a comment not a bad thing :) )
Dorkzilla Totoro (9 Dec 2008):
Murderer Smith (24 Aug 2008):
Dude, are u from the deep south :-s
Mutt Lebowski (28 Jul 2008):
Hey Tanner when are you going to make a comic with me in it?? Ahh forget it i wont rush u to make comic BYE TANNER SEND ME A COMMENT TOO!!! LOLZ
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