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Real name: A name..
Current location: Cali :)
Birthday is December 02 ahh getting old :o lol
Credits: 7'216
Award Points: 13'760
Citizen days: 4'452
Joined: 22 Mar 2008
Last Visit: 16 Sep 2013
Total Forum Posts: 6
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Sparkles Lebowski (14 Jun 2011):
Sammy is the most kindest,caring,a sweetie pie,nicest person you could ever meet!She is thoughtful,Shes my sister,Shes a true best friend,We have our moments but we get through them like crazy,Like we get mad,then we are back to talking to each that's why I love that about you.I think our fights are so stupid and immature,I don't like to argue with you cause your my best friend.I love your advice you give me.Our fights made us stronger in a way.Your the first person that gets me,I wish I knew you in real.I would be at your house all the time.I would hang out with you 24/7.Sammy is the most awesome person in the entire world.I'll have her back instance so Break her heart I'm after you.Sammy doesn't need to be sad,Cause shes the most amazing person,No one needs to hurt her!You are a lucky person to have met Sammy and an even luckier person to be friends with her!Your two in a billion!!(: Love Ya Sammy (:
Terence Burritos (3 Feb 2011):
Hi, Smile. How are you? I hope That anser is 'Good' If not, Get Better for whatever reason you are not. Enjoy this comment.
Faithy Anderson (23 Jan 2011):
Samantha<3333 HEY! ILY :D YATB (You are the best) ;D <33333 :D
Cold Harlan (6 Jan 2011):
Jc Giffuri (28 Dec 2010):
HAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Daredevil Anderson (26 Dec 2010):
Merry Christmas. :ninja: ~Comment Ninja
Cold Harlan (6 Dec 2010):
hey love ya best freind :]
Muffer Burritos (4 Oct 2010):
Best person I have ever met, luv yeh <3 Mew!~ :ninja:
Churro Burritos (5 Sep 2010):
Hey Smile ur a awesome friend xD hehe i cant think of nothing else to say lolz xD ill think of something later lolz ](*,) :P :D :) :o :-k :-k :-k :-k :gringrin: :3 ](*,) :-k
Nicki Burritos (30 Aug 2010):
Hello... CHERRRYY!! hehehehe ur so Cool and a erm erm AmAzInG person!!!! luv ya always! :3 -Nicki :ninja:
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