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Real name: A name..
Current location: Cali :)
Birthday is December 02 ahh getting old :o lol
Credits: 7'216
Award Points: 13'760
Citizen days: 5'559
Joined: 22 Mar 2008
Last Visit: 16 Sep 2013
Total Forum Posts: 6
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Sparkles Lebowski (26 Sep 2013):
I want my smile back ! I miss you soooo much. I'm gonna marry you someday ! <3 My best friend and wifey. Always know how to make me feel better by talking to you ! No one will take me place in your life. Me loves you way big ! <3 I'm gonna meet you someday and we are gonna get hitched ! La Vagas!<3
Ironwolfman Smith (21 Dec 2012):
Are you a boy or girl?
Faithy Anderson (9 May 2012):
Hey! i miss you, and i've been good. I have not been able to get it on in quite sometime.. school, friends, family, etc. How are you?
Faithy Anderson (27 Apr 2012):
Zual Svoltaire (30 Dec 2011):
Kay <3
Zual Svoltaire (30 Dec 2011):
I saw it in the birthday thread on the forum, there's a list of users birthdates :3
Zual Svoltaire (24 Dec 2011):
Omgsh! Happy Belated bday! Didnt know your bday was this month :S XD
Dyon Risotto (16 Nov 2011):
Hi Smiley! how's It goin'? =3
Faithy Anderson (28 Aug 2011):
Haha youre amazing. I love you <3
Cold Harlan (14 Jun 2011):
Hey Sammy :3 love you :3
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