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Blazen Totoro (5 Apr 2009):
Heyy bro, whats up man! |:s Your like "Evil is the new Angel"....RULEZ~~ ](*,) ...Laterz...duuuude, u rule, but i rule even more :3 ^_^
Grimhim House (19 Jan 2009):
[color=red:7d96ffff87]dude nice avatar that is hilarous[/color:7d96ffff87] so yea nice dude :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :3 :3 :3 :D :D :D :-.=
Shantelle Harlan (8 Dec 2008):
Just wrote this to let you know that...... I don't know... I was bored! What do you expect... Any ways....... I hope you have a Rocking ( I hope not) Christmas don't for get to NOT write a letter to Santa ( you might get the unwanted CD) ](*,) I can't believe my brother is buying me a cat! :pray: Please give me something more sensible...... well bye! :uhoh: sorry if this was a little long :-s what evah! |:s :gringrin: :gringrin:
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