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Souljahuman Smith

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Credits: 1'472
Award Points: 6'170
Citizen days: 5'773
Joined: 17 Feb 2008
Last Visit: 18 Aug 2008
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Sophieee Mazinga (18 Aug 2008):
See i was on Warbears Heres the proof I'll be back Hopefully with better come backs lol :-.= traa
Sophieee Mazinga (8 Jul 2008):
Soz i when off earlier i guess u lost connection then i had to go lol bye the way Ive got my comebacc lol Sophieee writes on souljas head, sophie is brilliant, sophie is fab, sophie is great, sophie is good at comebaccs, sophie is your master, and soulja wants to declare his undying love to the policeman!! haha beat that
Callumf Anderson (3 Jul 2008):
hey ty it's cal nice 2 talk 2 u in the game
Emokid Simpson (17 Jun 2008):
yo dude im back in the game. and i come with go after the people who banned me. thanks for your help i needed it ill stay low
Sophieee Mazinga (15 Jun 2008):
Not been back long and already 2 behaviour points naughty naughty im impressed :clap: lool
Girly Harlan (3 May 2008):
you are so kool and stay kool 8)
Hazal Giffuri (24 Mar 2008):
u r so kool g!!! 8) keep it reel boy!! :D :mrgreen:
Sophieee Mazinga (8 Mar 2008):
hiyaaaaa booooooooo!! lol, thiss guy is greeeat great mate :mrgreen: yoo tha man lol
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