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Sensei Burritos

Real name: Kevin
Current location: santa cruz
I was born in the South North of the rebellion of the stormcloaks taken luke skywalker in the middle of the war between the battle for Rohan where Gandalf took me to the priest PewDiePie to be blessed with the power of gaming through out this whole time till the end of times... and so to victory!
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Joined: 24 Nov 2011
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Sensei Burritos (19 Feb 2012):
maby yes mabyno >:D
Sensei Burritos (19 Feb 2012):
maby yes mabyno >:D
Bloom Brancacane (30 Jan 2012):
I swear i met you AGES ago and i really wanna find out who ya are...because its buggin' me alot
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