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Denisa Lebowski

Real name:
Current location:
Credits: 1'174
Award Points: 10'580
Citizen days: 4'675
Joined: 19 Aug 2007
Last Visit: 29 Dec 2009
Total Forum Posts: 32
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Walt Anderson (15 Feb 2009):
Haaaaaaai! :)
Chaniii Mazinga (31 Jan 2009):
Hai gal bai gal?XD :P xoxo Chaniii
Rindy Totoro (28 Dec 2008):
your my best friend and thank you ofr all the help i wish you happy new year :uhoh:
Labana House (13 Dec 2008):
Merry Christmas cuzin and a Happy NewYear :D :D :D :) :) :)
Kimmii Harlan (2 Nov 2008):
Heyyy denii! :gringrin: Whats up??Im good :gringrin: Did you saw my dolls collection?? xD Your sister is good and fun too well like you :3
Cynthia Panzerotten (30 Oct 2008):
[size=24:074c5d7f8b]Aww..[/size:074c5d7f8b]Thanks,Denisa. You're obviously one of my besties online >.< You are really nice and sweet :3
Eman Carpenter (22 Oct 2008):
THANK YOU SO much for being a great friend! :D :D :D
Lavina Totoro (2 Sep 2008):
Hey denisa luv ur pic! :D :P
Polar Lebowski (24 Aug 2008):
sweet avatar u the best :D :D :D
Mattaio Anderson (24 Aug 2008):
A truly great friend and in the past we saved bed time city it was great fun. i hope she has a good life. :clap: :clap: :D :P
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