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Luciianne Smith

Real name: Lucii-anne Culten
Current location: England
Birthday: 23 Aug 1999
Age: 23
Hi, I'm Lucii-anne. I like to keep to myself a lot of the time, so if I don't talk to you, don't take it personally. I joined Warbears because I love doing the missions and BTC has some really nice people in it. I have a pet terrapin and a dog. I love them both very much. <(^.^)>
Credits: 1'380
Award Points: 5'020
Citizen days: 3'893
Joined: 13 Oct 2012
Last Visit: 26 Aug 2013
Total Forum Posts: 2
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Luciianne Smith (14 Oct 2012):
Good at be back at warbears.. Since my old account stoped working for some strange reason.. I don't know why, but if you knew at Roseller121.. (think that was it..) It's me :) So you can add as friend. But if you don't know me or didn't you can still add me x
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