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Hazal Burritos

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Credits: 1'017
Award Points: 9'860
Citizen days: 5'788
Joined: 18 Jun 2008
Last Visit: 24 Nov 2010
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Faithy Anderson (31 Aug 2010):
your awesome and my avatar butt is rectangular xDD :D
Hollie Harlan (6 Aug 2009):
Oi vey! :3
Tinker Burritos (23 Feb 2009):
Kianna Carpenter (30 Nov 2008):
Zual Svoltaire (12 Nov 2008):
omg omg omg u wont believe it! it just happend yesterday so be strong ok ready? I Just saw myself in the mirror and i thought i saw a grey hair i was like well i fainted but i was like wowza
Eman Carpenter (12 Nov 2008):
DANG!your house is huge!!! :D
Vallerie Carpenter (25 Jul 2008):
hey im sry i dont know what i did but im sry bc i know u were angry so i luv yu like a SIS hope u forgive me bc u now u cant RESIST AND U NOW THAT GUY THAT SAID HE WOULD do all those missions for us to get us credits ??.....welll he logged off right afta we told him bout that anywayz peace luvingz to u buh bye!~ :D :clap: :3 :D [color=orange:e10f1940e5][/color:e10f1940e5]
Alec Anderson (23 Jul 2008):
Hey could u tell me how long it'll take 2 break this wall ](*,)
Zual Svoltaire (20 Jul 2008):
i hav finnaly defeated Ozai yay!!!!!!!
Tetris Giffuri (18 Jul 2008):
Hi Hazal ummm...hi.....ummmm...hi......ummm....hi...ummmm ummmm...
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