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Nick Anderson (30 Jun 2008):
just saying hay :D.i got bad news i got an infected toe :(.
Aniyah Anderson (31 Mar 2008):
ok this is the deal i only known this girl for like 1 day but still i love her shes exciting,funny,over dramatic (in a funny way)OH YEA THATS ME !!!!!! WEL i love her and she makes me laugh oh yea glam i went tto the hospital for my brother biting me and giving me rabies (not true) and i have to get stiches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;_; abnoxious_ ANIYAH ANDERSON/CUPCAKES 289 ohh i *love* cupcakes!!!!!! :heart:
Logan Burritos (30 Mar 2008):
hi everybody! this is my big sister's account! that's right, i'm glam's little sissy! (trust me, it' not fun). she's not that much older...only 3 1/2 years older. whatever. she's really nice (sometimes, hahaha) so you should add her (and add me!) :heart: Love you sissy! ~Logan
Bunni Totoro (19 Jan 2008):
Yup~! I completed all the missions. You need to call me! You're always busy :(
Bunni Totoro (3 Sep 2007):
I know xDDD I faked my name, and last!
Bunni Totoro (25 Aug 2007):
Ohhh! Forget about the mail I sent you, I figured out how to comment :uhoh:
Sakryen Totoro (28 May 2007):
Woot! ^_^ I wish i had a DS! LUCKY PANTS!
Bunni Totoro (5 May 2007):
Hello Tori!
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