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Pinkitypop Totoro

Real name: Kirsty
Current location: dead
rip i guess
Credits: 5'137
Award Points: 5'120
Citizen days: 4'735
Joined: 9 Nov 2007
Last Visit: 13 Jun 2018
Total Forum Posts: 574
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Crazyone Totoro (10 Jul 2012):
Good morning Miss "Butts" Totoro.
Katz Giffuri (8 Jul 2012):
You sick-minded pibbity pobbity boo! That's my nickname for you. :3
Bjorn Harlan (6 May 2012):
But you're only 6 years old!
Bjorn Harlan (6 May 2012):
Join the queue.
Bjorn Harlan (5 May 2012):
omg u have a boyfreind stop flrting with me
Bjorn Harlan (1 May 2012):
Yeah Pinky do more to control my wall, it's far too infested with the verbatim of others.
Bjorn Harlan (13 Dec 2011):
Pinky loves men 'commenting' on her 'wall'.

Crazy, I think you need to get a hold of a pair of testicles before you think of posting here again.

No no! Not like that!
Crazyone Totoro (13 Dec 2011):
Far too many males on this wall. Allow me to girl it up a little. :3
Bjorn Harlan (6 Dec 2011):
You have six days to move all your shoes and vibrators out of my house.
Jurgen Smith (4 Dec 2011):
hey bob.
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