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Tyler Burritos

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Credits: 690
Award Points: 2'810
Citizen days: 5'712
Joined: 17 Apr 2007
Last Visit: 8 Oct 2008
Total Forum Posts: 1
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Citizen Simpson (21 Aug 2007):
your house is gerat
Lolobear Risotto (5 Jul 2007):
HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :D ^_^ :gringrin:
Krunoth House (15 Jun 2007):
south park rocks!!! :P ^_^
HEy how do u make ur own warbear or like edit one like ur pimp one i waz gonna make a mario one itl look cool
Kairi Simpson (5 Jun 2007):
Pimpy Boy! Lol :D
Kevin Giffuri (26 May 2007):
Ha ty wat up wat have u been up 2. :lol:
Macncheez House (8 May 2007):
cool, ur first comment! I wont f it up, dont worry. Yo Ty, the police has a description of u now. it says: Hav u dated or mated with this fella: *sun colored hair *pimp smile *pimp ride *pimp shirt dat says "Who's doesnt know ME?" Hehe:gringrin:... I'll tell the coppers I hav no idea wat theyre talkin bout! Oh, and pay the bills, mate. We're late again. ^_^
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