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Hannahinator Calothycos

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Credits: 4'089
Award Points: 8'070
Citizen days: 4'840
Joined: 23 Jul 2007
Last Visit: 12 Dec 2010
Total Forum Posts: 7
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Butterfly Carpenter (27 Jul 2008):
u r a good,nice ,beautiful friend :D
Miyako Totoro (23 May 2008):
Krunoth House (5 Sep 2007):
you stopped visiting warbears.com.... why? school i guess....i'm bored again... and i just remembered something lol remember when we were at red robin and i knocked over the salt dispenser 2 times on accident and i had to throw some salt behind my back or shoulder or something (i forgot) and the salt landed on someone's hair and it made that person look like they had dandruff? (so many 'ands' in that sentence) lol so funny get on warbears when you have the time [color=white:b06c6989ef] pie!!![/color:b06c6989ef] [color=green:b06c6989ef] pie![/color:b06c6989ef]
Krunoth House (24 Jul 2007):
hey hannah :gringrin: [color=white:57e1dab505]you still like naruto don't you? lol[/color:57e1dab505] you better do better at the drums :ninja: :mrgreen:
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