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Pip Panzerotten
Official Comic Maker
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Credits: 914
Award Points: 15'900
Citizen days: 4'952
Joined: 8 Apr 2007
Last Visit: 17 Jan 2020
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Drfish Burritos (13 Aug 2008):
You rock Pip and so do your comics!!! :ninja:
Flappy Simpson (3 Aug 2008):
Heylo awesome comic maker :clap: . xD C'mon buddeh keep up the good work!! :3 K. anyways, just wanted to say hi :D :) :3
Actionboy Smith (16 Jul 2008):
Lolz hiya Pip. Great comics. I love your 50th, I can't belive you got Ioji for it. :angry:
Anman Burritos (12 Jul 2008):
Hehe, loved the cooking comic with Ioji and the others xD. Sweet avatar by the way.
Zyber Risotto (10 Jul 2008):
Good times at the bar and park. Keep up the good work on the comics. :wink:
Pojo Burritos (4 Jul 2008):
Yes. I am [b:ab81d5f437]The Best[/b:ab81d5f437]. Good to know the word's getting around.
Silk Simpson (3 Jun 2008):
Happy Pip day :D Er.... Gratz on the CoTD!
Rowena Svoltaire (11 Sep 2007):
Well dankeschön Pipsy :3
Macncheez House (5 Aug 2007):
Hey dude! Best comics in the city, great friend, and the funnest bro to hang out with. You know what I mean. :wink: Johnny
Ryzzajoy Simpson (4 Aug 2007):
you r so cool 8)
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