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Meteor Anderson

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Credits: 633
Award Points: 4'320
Citizen days: 3'048
Joined: 20 Jun 2012
Last Visit: 25 Sep 2012
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Chartees Svoltaire (1 Jan 2013):
Agent Movesammy is eliminated.

Chartees Svoltaire (23 Dec 2012):
The BTC agency has been closed for safety.Thank you for your co-operation.

-The BTC agency system
Chartees Svoltaire (8 Dec 2012):
Emergency!See my profile and come to BTC when updates are done.I need you agent qui- Bzzzzzzt!Signal from Director Chartees lost!
Wiedo Smith (3 Sep 2012):
happy 3rd CoTD wow 3rd one thats cool
Zac Nachos (18 Jul 2012):
happy COTD meteor!
Wiedo Smith (18 Jul 2012):
happy CoTD
Chartees Svoltaire (5 Jul 2012):
Congratulations.You are invited to my agency.Please be at my house at July 6-7 For I am planning the first Double agent attack against the Galactic empire.Please join.If you decline then put your reason.Thank you.
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