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Mcrfreak Simpson
Bug Hunters Team Member
Real name: Daniel
Current location: Ireland
This site was my childhood and has taught me a lot.
Credits: 1'769
Award Points: 19'750
Citizen days: 4'651
Joined: 10 Jul 2007
Last Visit: 1 Feb 2019
Total Forum Posts: 1'908
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Drogn Risotto (2 Jan 2009):
Mcr is the best avatar maker EVER!! I called him mcfreak at first because I didn't see the MC[i:8f2fb2296d]r[/i:8f2fb2296d] in his name hehe :uhoh: He's awesome! :D
Drogn Risotto (24 Dec 2008):
Best avatar maker ever!! :D VERY NICE 2!!! :3
Caseyone Anderson (12 Dec 2008):
Hi, whats up Love the avatar, wait i don't :) :)
Vyvian Risotto (21 Nov 2008):
Wooo! You have a shop award. You're learning from the master. :clap:
Bishop Panzerotten (13 Nov 2008):
I like your paintball games Mcr. Sorry about the argument :D
Drfish Burritos (30 Jul 2008):
OMG! ITS MCRFREAK!!! AND HES EATING A MCRFREAK!!! Srry needed to get that out
Hahaha, I can't stop laughing at your avatar. <3
Krunoth House (10 Jul 2008):
McCookie! What's up buddy? Cool comics! :3
Elvis House (24 Jun 2008):
You ROCKNROLL more than I do! xD
Elvis House (28 Mar 2008):
you rocknroll more than I do [color=blue:cf2de56822][/color:cf2de56822] [size=7:cf2de56822][/size:cf2de56822] lol
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