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Zac Nachos

Real name: josh
Current location: here
Birthday: 14 Jun 1998
Age: 22
Credits: 2'590
Award Points: 8'370
Citizen days: 3'137
Joined: 31 Mar 2012
Last Visit: 19 Oct 2020
Total Forum Posts: 233
0% of total / 0.0743 posts per day
Warren Smith Hi, didn't expect anyone to comment on my wall ever again since this site feels like it's been pretty much abandoned. I still log in almost every day though for them credits that I'll never use
Warren Smith i dont miss u.

just kidding
april fools hahahahahahahohah398choa398rha3rhuloaurhal3hrab3rl8auracna0jfasuifeawescnjreajbhu1u2ueh7hahahahaha

By the way, I don't think I ever saw you on BTC last year even though I think Cameron said he'll tell you to go on
Katz Giffuri come back ily
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