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Egee Simpson

Real name: Elliot Green
Current location:
Birthday: 24 Sep 1997
Age: 22
Wanna know something, ask
Credits: 3'961
Award Points: 15'700
Citizen days: 4'461
Joined: 13 Jan 2008
Last Visit: 4 Jun 2016
Total Forum Posts: 197
0% of total / 0.0442 posts per day
Katz Giffuri Hehehehehehe hi egee u a great friend =) :3 :gringrin: :gringrin: :gringrin: :gringrin: :gringrin: :gringrin: :gringrin: :gringrin: :gringrin: :gringrin: :gringrin:
Klaudiamika Anderson Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Egge happy birthday to youuuuuu! HIPP HIPP HURRAY
Kinky Simpson Egee-son, mah partner in crime! How are you? Oh, message, l0l, h0w r u?
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