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Jonathon Smith

Real name: Melvin
Current location: Dundee,Scotland
Birthday: 25 May 1995
Age: 24
Credits: 1'103
Award Points: 15'560
Citizen days: 4'457
Joined: 30 Sep 2007
Last Visit: 19 Apr 2019
Total Forum Posts: 653
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Madeleine Simpson (1 Feb 2009):
ZOMG! Hai BFF! <33. So Like What's Up? Oh I Know The Answer To That Its... Wait...What Was the Question? ANYWAYS!! You Needs to Go on Now!!
Kathren Burritos (29 Nov 2008):
ur the best dad luv ya :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Kathren Burritos (23 Oct 2008):
hi i miss u i havnt seen u in FOREVER come on soon plz :D :D :D :D :angry: jk jk im not mad :( :( :( but i am sad
Warts Smith (14 Aug 2008):
Jon, thanks for all you have done for DX, CSI and even BTC, you are the true citizen and I can't believe that we started out fighting. Good luck and well... I have to tell you something, remember Dorkzilla? Well he was originaly in DX and then he was sort of a spy for me :ninja: :gringrin:
Kathren Burritos (12 Aug 2008):
jon ur the best :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Silly Burritos (9 Aug 2008):
hi jon your cool :D ](*,) hahahahahahaha
Hannahann Giffuri (5 Aug 2008):
Thanks jon for me giving sergent again. Laim is goo person for captain. Oh new rule in house in rl. I can't be on the computer until 4:00 pm my time so if im not online alot. you know y. Thankies you are the best Leader ever of the Csi b/c you are the one and only Leader loljavascript:emoticon(':D') Hannahann CSI Sergent
Dorkzilla Totoro (2 Aug 2008):
Hi Jon . This is A goodbye meeeeesagee :D Now.. :-s what should i start with.. #-o Uhh.. Ill send 1 pm every week. :3 Hmm.. :-.= :-.= uhh do you even know what my freaking real name in real life is? :angry: xDDDD lol nevaaarmind that ill tell you if you say NO. hm my awesome new years lucky list is .. 1.Wear red.Idk just wear it. 2.omg dont shower.Sick right? 3.Eat red stuff. :uhoh: hm...well nice knowin' ya :] :stare: kinda sad that im perma quitting. no not giving you my account. |:s And..youre a good friend.Kinda 8-[ so..Eat pie and drink milkshakes. Oh yeh.and COOKIES!
Drpepper Simpson (27 Jul 2008):
hey dude im glad for not being booted off tell me when we are doing next Episode :3
Liam Calothycos (26 Mar 2008):
Jon, I haven't seen you in 3 weeks buddy! I talked to Becca on Sunday about our business. You know I'll get glasses in real life! See you....some day! - Liam :)
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