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Joined: 22 Mar 2008
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Smile House (11 Apr 2008):
Hey sorry i never came back. the power went out at my house. im really sorry i wanted to come back so bad. I love you so much. i didnt get to tell u good night and sweet dreams. well i love you and im so sorry. oo yea ill be on at 400 today cuz i have pratice at 445 but ill come back at 700.so yea bye baby.see you later :heart:
Smile House (8 Apr 2008):
I LOVE YOU JB! :heart: *air kiss* O:)
Smile House (8 Apr 2008):
I missed you too! I love you sooo much. i hope to see you tommorrow. i will be on at 4:00. okay so yea i hope to see u tommorrow! i love you bye babe :( :heart:
Smile House (6 Apr 2008):
:roll: :heart: [color=darkblue:be9372ff5b][size=18:be9372ff5b][[u:be9372ff5b]b]Hey JB!![/b][/u:be9372ff5b][/size:be9372ff5b][/color:be9372ff5b] :heart:
Smile House (6 Apr 2008):
[color=indigo:d7c9107592]Your welcome and ur the best too i will be on at 1:00 today i hope i can see u well i love you and i miss you :heart: :gringrin: lol jk :heart: :wink: :) [/color:d7c9107592]
Smile House (6 Apr 2008):
Its okay dont worry about it i really missed you well i hope i will see u today i love you too :heart:
Smile House (5 Apr 2008):
Hey jb! well talk to u later love ya :heart:
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