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Jarrod Smith

Real name: Russell Coight
Current location: 'Straya, mate!
Credits: 91
Award Points: 7'880
Citizen days: 4'097
Joined: 23 Mar 2012
Last Visit: 23 Jul 2017
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Movesammy Nachos (4 Aug 2013):
- The Puppetmaster
Movesammy Nachos (4 Aug 2013):
the fish team. You have no chance of winning so you better just surrender now.
Movesammy Nachos (4 Aug 2013):
I have no real name. I ascended from hell and i decided to name myself the puppet master because of my voodoo doll's of everybody meaning i control anybody even if they try to get back in control no matter what. I am a demon. I see people through a crystal ball including you chartees i also see
Chartees Svoltaire (2 Aug 2013):
All Agents Of The Fish Team Agency,this puppet master is nothing but a con!All agents,you must find this puppet master!
Movesammy Nachos (1 Aug 2013):
*News Report!* A security camera catches the Fish Team Leader Taking a knife out of his pocket... Then saying "Do not forget the Puppet Master" And slit's his neck...
Movesammy Nachos (26 Jul 2013):
50th Comment... I CALL DIBS ON BEING LAST >:D
Movesammy Nachos (25 Jul 2013):
Tis all a fake. Tis all just puppets. And i am pulling ye strings around here! Even chartees! Tis all a jest. Tomfoolery! A giant jape! None of this be real. I lolleth at it. You art all fool's! Atleast in this dimension. Where everything be fake. Whether fruit or bread. Light and Darkness... Fake!
Movesammy Nachos (25 Jul 2013):
Movesammy was not real. He was just one of my failed puppet's. - ???
Jarrod Smith (6 Jun 2013):
Mr Anderson (Leroy Totoro) was killed by Benbot2.0, not a heart attack!
-Dr Carlos Zero, Chief Director of the Benbot Project
P.S. Yes, I am free now!
Chartees Svoltaire (1 Jun 2013):
All Contacts are told that Director Chartees will be working privately for 1 year.Do not mess up his wall please...Message if it's not so important.
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