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Hoogerstick Smith

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Credits: 2'314
Award Points: 6'400
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Joined: 29 Jan 2007
Last Visit: 16 Jun 2012
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Marci Mazinga (10 Aug 2007):
Hey Hooger! You're sooooo funny and you're never boring! Thanks for being a great friend of mine. :D
Lunaraura Carpenter (11 Mar 2007):
i am fine and i watch the first few episode of dears before but i elt alseep everytime i watched it , theres better anime like Kage Kara Mamoru! and gash bell. its like the two best funniest anime ever. watch it in youtube!!! its the best
Halil Smith (9 Feb 2007):
How did you ask me to be your freind? go to my profile, add a comment,in the comment tell me how you made freinds with me,OK?
Lunaraura Carpenter (9 Feb 2007):
yea..first comment.. he gets mad easiler, just kidding lol..anyway he is nice kind and one year older than me..awwww. i feel so small now. sniff* sniff* lol
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