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Amey Brancacane

Real name: Amey Brancacane, duh.
Current location: United Kingdom
I'm not too sure on what to write so instead I'll leave you with a smiley face. :)
Credits: 4'190
Award Points: 3'520
Citizen days: 4'174
Joined: 3 Nov 2008
Last Visit: 23 Aug 2017
Total Forum Posts: 0
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Rox Anderson (28 May 2009):
Hey Amey, Yes i missed you so much! :3 it's been lonely without you! :uhoh: Love Rox xxx
Neonmatt Totoro (20 Apr 2009):
ZOMG EBIL!!! ^_^ yes we are the small ebil people >:D
Rox Anderson (16 Apr 2009):
:D Hello My best tumbleboob in the world! How are you doing?? !! =P Hope to see you .... forever (even on the TV =P :3 ) Lots of lovey wovey Rox xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :gringrin:
Denisa Lebowski (13 Apr 2009):
Ameyy! :) Helloooo,You are one of my best friends and always will be!You are cool and our group too! :D Cya,best friend :P
Pinkitypop Totoro (19 Feb 2009):
Mmm...COOKIES ZOMG! =P Howdy Amey :wink: I have been stranded with Madday, oh noes! It's usually me and her |:s <<Joking =P Be on soon ^_^ ^_^ :( See juu soon =; :uhoh:
Madeleine Simpson (28 Nov 2008):
[color=violet:3ce196c37b]Your Part of the Gb Gang i never knew it Anywayz Whats up? =P[/color:3ce196c37b]
Cynthia Panzerotten (21 Nov 2008):
Gahahah The profile picture >.< Me..Blond...Evilness =)
Rubie House (12 Nov 2008):
[i:17ac4930c3][b:17ac4930c3][color=red:17ac4930c3][u:17ac4930c3]Hiya My :P Glowing Bwestie xD Nice To See I Gave The First Commento Since I Am Your... Wait For It..... [size=18:17ac4930c3]GLOWING BWESTIE!!![/size:17ac4930c3] :D :D :D [/u:17ac4930c3][/color:17ac4930c3][/b:17ac4930c3][/i:17ac4930c3]
Cynthia Panzerotten (11 Nov 2008):
Hai ,amey. Glowing Bwestie =3 Love you. :3
Pinkitypop Totoro (5 Nov 2008):
Hi AMey, My bwestest bwesty of bwestness I wuv Jhoo!
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