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Frankengoober Simpson
Comic Team Member
Real name:
Current location: The frigid abyss of Canada
Birthday: 10 May 1996
Age: 26
Credits: 4'025
Award Points: 19'980
Citizen days: 5'564
Joined: 6 Jan 2008
Last Visit: 2 May 2017
Total Forum Posts: 1'170
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Tango Totoro (5 Sep 2011):
I <3 your comics.


Marry me.
Warts Smith (30 Aug 2011):
I'm so in your next comic, there is no hiding it at all and you know it Frank. :P
Knyh Risotto (30 Aug 2011):
I demand comicz!!
Zick Burritos (29 Aug 2011):
<Tom> Sir we found another body...
Its Saw.

<Gary> MY GOD!!!
Zick Burritos (28 Aug 2011):
<Saw> Hello Frankengoober remember me?
The guy you used on your advert for Frank-O's, what am I doing here well...

<Saw> I'm here to play a game...

Tada da da dummmmm!
Sniper Smith (28 Aug 2011):
Funky Floober!!!
Bjorn Harlan (28 Aug 2011):
You owe me Frank-O's for this dynamite comment.
Katz Giffuri (15 Aug 2010):
hey there how ya been :? :? :? well just wanted to say hi lol :uhoh: :uhoh:
Tango Totoro (6 Aug 2010):
<3 the avatar.
Maryjane Totoro (14 Mar 2010):
hi Mr. Frank Id love To be in your Comics One Day :D
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