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Knyh Risotto
Bug Hunters Team Member
Real name:
Current location:
Birthday: 1 Jan 1970
Age: 1354
Credits: 10'222
Award Points: 25'490
Citizen days: 4'677
Joined: 5 Jan 2008
Last Visit: 20 Oct 2020
Total Forum Posts: 2'355
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Ben Lebowski Three zodiac killers in a bar
One knocks his head and he sees stars
The other two then eat his flesh
A 'yum', an 'ooh', an 'I'm obsessed!'
A bughunter enters, what a fool!
He tries to run but he's a tool
Once again, the bloodsport's beginning
"Oh my god, they killed Knyh!"
Knyh Risotto Number 100 sucks
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