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Chartees Svoltaire

Real name: Chartees
Current location: Antarctica
Birthday: 14 Oct 1987
Age: 33
Oh, Warbears is back.
Credits: 2'609
Award Points: 12'770
Citizen days: 3'978
Joined: 30 Nov 2009
Last Visit: 20 Sep 2020
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Movesammy Nachos (5 Jan 2013):
*theres a gift box at the bases entrance saying* From - Mandemand To - The Agency

*inside there is a morse code translator
Chartees Svoltaire (4 Jan 2013):
Pardon?How can you get to the roof and write those clues?I think the murderer would be keeping his appearance a secret.This isn't making sense.Is it?Trying to crack Morse Code.If you can help with this morse code that would be great!

Movesammy Nachos (2 Jan 2013):
*dry blood on the roof saying*

Help me...
Chartees Svoltaire (2 Jan 2013):
:Agent fopt:
Trying to break code.Please wait for more analysis agents....
Breaking the code...
Be patient please all agents.We are in a level one emergency...
Checking with friendly organization for assurance.Please be patient...
No response.Wait for the rest of the code agents...

Movesammy Nachos (1 Jan 2013):
*all electronics in the facility seem to be hacked all computers cameras televisions and other electronics are just static even radios*

*one time there is some morse code*

.- --. . -. - ..-. --- -..- - .-. --- - -.- .. .-.. .-.. . -.. -- .! - .... .. ... .. ... -- --- ...- . ... .- -- --
Chartees Svoltaire (1 Jan 2013):
Happy new year!
Movesammy Nachos (31 Dec 2012):
*if your wondering it was my dead body*
Movesammy Nachos (31 Dec 2012):
*dead body is on the floor shirt in blood says

*finger seems to be gone and was shot with a
Glock-18 and has a 9mm bullet in chest and mouth is covered with duct tape*
Chartees Svoltaire (31 Dec 2012):
We have some kind of problem with Movesammy?The note was wet when it came here...
There appears to be some kind of guy on the loose.He may have kidnapped Chartees.Our Director of the BTC agency.And If your already raged about roleplay stuff,I know how you feel....
Movesammy Nachos (31 Dec 2012):
*note written in blood on floor*

mandem------- *rest is a line of blood*
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