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Beki Smith

Real name: Bekah
Current location: Kent, UK
Birthday: 31 Oct 1996
Age: 27
Not that people check profiles if, and when, they come on, but hmu, message me, we can chat and reminisce about the good old BTC days.
Credits: 1'190
Award Points: 6'990
Citizen days: 6'138
Joined: 7 May 2007
Last Visit: 1 Feb 2021
Total Forum Posts: 0
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Lucylou Smith (15 Feb 2010):
[b:d34479ac82][size=18:d34479ac82][color=violet:d34479ac82]Haii darlin, i cant believe that i know someone like you, i mean your amazing!!! love you girl Suger.,xx[/color:d34479ac82][/size:d34479ac82][/b:d34479ac82] :P :P :P
Alexisroks Burritos (17 Aug 2009):
omg i WUV your avatar LMAO if your gonna be two faced at leaste make on pretty LMAO
Theresa Calothycos (18 Jul 2009):
hey comment on page darling safe bye
Stupid Simpson (29 Sep 2008):
[color=blue:dc8a4171ad][/color:dc8a4171ad]u r hot hot hot
Selma Smith (26 Dec 2007):
heyah i am so bored go on warbears on thursday kk luv u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Quinne Risotto (22 Aug 2007):
Hi hot hot hottie! It's QuinnE! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 <3 R U my gf? Have u decided yet?
Coolgirl Burritos (16 Aug 2007):
You are like, nice, always lookin for a good bf! still looking for one, eh? i am HAPPY :D to do a NICE comment about you, Bi! O:) O:) O:)
Danny Burritos (15 Jul 2007):
hey there sexy babe u r so hot!!!! i'll cya at my place for some make out time!!! <3 luv ya and stay sexy!!!!! from ur totally sexy hot irisistable handome boyfriend
Tyler Burritos (2 Jul 2007):
I like giving blonde hotties comments. 8) I am also a blonde hottie :mrgreen:
Someone Risotto (17 May 2007):
i have no idead why i am leaving a comment...........oh yeah to broadcast how nice blondhottie is. she is a kind person who likes to broaden friendships(sometimes a littel too much), anyway she is a good person to look out for so look out for her! ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) damn i messed up ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)
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