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Cat Bauer

Real name: Catarina
Current location:
There is no prize.
Credits: 1'452
Award Points: 6'550
Citizen days: 4'111
Joined: 26 Feb 2012
Last Visit: 5 Oct 2017
Total Forum Posts: 9
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Ellie Cola (20 Aug 2012):
They areee x
Ellie Cola (18 Aug 2012):
CONGRATULATIONS! Youve won tge prize of drawing anyone whos in AV for the website because you draw such cute avvys andddd CONGRATS AGAIN because you get to draw my face first,woo.
Ellie Cola (13 Aug 2012):
ohhh caaaat:( you 'll have to remove it from the site then cuz it looks strange all different pictures:[
Ellie Cola (12 Aug 2012):
nooo draw me nowz when its off in my uniform so i can put it on the website, pleaaaaseeeee<3
Ellie Cola (12 Aug 2012):
o.O draw meeee? XD
Ellie Cola (11 Aug 2012):
Who drew your avatar? o.O
Bloom Brancacane (28 Jul 2012):
Caaaaaaaaaat!!! You're back!! WOOHOO!
Tango Totoro (27 Jul 2012):
What you speak of is blasphemy.

Do not challenge me, child.
Bloom Brancacane (6 May 2012):
Cat? Come online!! I have soo much news bout Aureus Miro!! Hurreh!!
Katz Giffuri (4 Apr 2012):
Bootiful Avatar! ^_^
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