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Jeff Burritos
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Joined: 23 Jan 2007
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Roxie Bauer (4 Aug 2017):
Neji Simpson (2 Feb 2012):
I know we may only have been good friends on Warbears, you're still an awesome one. I miss ya dawg. Even if you don't remember me. :P Been a long time since I've talked to ya.
Mcrfreak Simpson (9 Jul 2008):
Congrats on the new mod position, buddy.
Wilsonway Burritos (8 Jul 2008):
Woooooo, modship! :clap: C 0 |\| 6 I2 4 7 (_) |_ 4 7 I 0 |\| 5 ! My brain told me that I did that to annoy you. :ninja: Good job, good luck, and just know that I'll be here if you ever need any help. :) #-o And this foo' right here just got ninja'd.
Linda Giffuri (4 Jun 2008):
Jeff, is it just me? Or.. Nevermind. Isn't it your birthday on June 7? Happy birthday if it is. And If i't isn't. Happy birthday whenever your birthday is. xD Wish you all the best, Jeffy. Thanks for everything! :3
Linda Giffuri (29 May 2008):
WOAH WOAH WOAH! Thank you very much, eggplant! xD I mean Lol. Can I be on WB Book of records? =P I'm kidding! Wow thanks so much, Jeffy. Hmmm, why are you being so nice? I think I know. Don't pity me! =P But really, :D I'm so very happy with that comment. May not made sense but it meant a lot to me, Jeff. I'm currently listening to a song Avril sang. I'm not really the biggest fan of Avril and all, but, I like the song. Oh and I'm very very sorry yesterday, my dad turned my computer off. Oh and I hate that. He keeps saying "I told you to stay away from the computer, young lady" And I was so like "Dad? Why won't you let me?" And then he's like "Go entertain your visitor!" I was like "I'm sleepy!" Well, it doesn't matter. I'm just sorry about yesterday. I hope you understand Jeff. Come on, you're a nice guy and all. I know you will, will you? :) But I like the Kawaii. Row likes it, I like it too! :angry: Nah. I'm not angry. I just don't have time to go on another paragraph so I'm sticking with this. THis may not be the longest comment, but I'm thankful for that comment so, I just thought I'd be kind enough to make you a long comment. Have you heard of Avril's song? When you're gone? It's really nice. xD Well, I'm finish making no sense at all. Byes!
Linda Giffuri (28 May 2008):
I hate eggplants. Ya know why? Because your shirts' color is VIOLET! =P Well, I just dropped by and laugh at your comments :roll: . xD I'm kidding =P
Tatzilla Burritos (26 May 2008):
WAY cool job discovering the angry face man! [color=green:73fe07d0a9]* Tatzilla high fives jeff[/color:73fe07d0a9] i remember all of them too! >:| >:D >:O >:( lol
Wilsonway Burritos (25 Feb 2008):
Hullo Jeff!! It's Willeh! :)
Niall Calothycos (11 Feb 2008):
COTD! Lucky!!!
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