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Angelalv Anderson

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Credits: 328
Award Points: 90
Citizen days: 5'546
Joined: 1 May 2007
Last Visit: 27 Feb 2010
Total Forum Posts: 1
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Rex Smith (11 Feb 2008):
Back in BTC again? *sigh* well stop by the bar some time, ill buy ya a drink :wink:
Sammy Burritos (8 Aug 2007):
i love you but you you hate me [-X sick girl i <3 you
Sammy Burritos (8 Aug 2007):
i love you but you love black beard
Sammy Burritos (3 Aug 2007):
i <3 love you why do you not[color=red:84210cdbb3][/color:84210cdbb3][size=24:84210cdbb3][/size:84210cdbb3]
Agentjordo Totoro (27 Jul 2007):
woah! lotsa friends!!! i can't count past, um, six :gringrin: . NINJAS 4EV Agent_Jordo :ninja:
Sammy Burritos (10 Jul 2007):
i love you a lot
Chantelle Mazinga (30 Jun 2007):
1 word 'funky'
Mecca Smith (15 Jun 2007):
Hi just stop by to tell you hey HEY
Blackbear Smith (1 May 2007):
Hahaha! :gringrin: Your new! :lol: Well see ya round the BTC... love you! Ninja pride! :ninja:
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