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Real name: Alexandru Florin
Current location: Romania
Birthday: 30 Oct 1995
Age: 27
I am a good and nice guy if you have time to know me and I respect my friend and with the girls i am a loverboy soo girls add me.
Credits: 1'087
Award Points: 8'780
Citizen days: 5'100
Joined: 16 Oct 2009
Last Visit: 25 Jan 2016
Total Forum Posts: 2
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Movesammy Nachos (14 Aug 2013):
The cake is a lie. P.S. Me sowwy i ate your pizza it wuz just so delicous... :3
Movesammy Nachos (1 Aug 2013):

Movesammy Nachos (1 Aug 2013):
What about Leonardo and Raphael? Btw i stole your pizza it was delicous.
Michelangelo House (1 Aug 2013):
I dont know:))
Movesammy Nachos (28 Jul 2013):
How is donatello?
Shadowsmith Totoro (15 Apr 2012):
Mich is a great guy. Wish there were more like him in BTC and in the real world
Ellie Cola (15 Apr 2012):
if everyone was like you the world would be flirtier. You must be crazy not to like him! muhaha, i know i dont. hehe, only joking with ya;)
Ellie Cola (13 Apr 2012):
Doing first impressions to my friends so here are my first impressions of youu!:
- Flirt
- Sweet
- Helpful
- Nice
- Good decorator
Thanks for being a great friend!:D
Lewi Simpson (18 Apr 2010):
Hes A Awesome Friend You Should Add Him. :D :) :D :) :clap:
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