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Actionboy Smith

Real name: Riddo
Current location: In a dungeon
Birthday: 2 Sep 2014
Age: 5
Credits: 8'438
Award Points: 17'930
Citizen days: 4'649
Joined: 9 Jul 2007
Last Visit: 28 Oct 2019
Total Forum Posts: 1'941
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Lilmisslisa Simpson (5 Jan 2008):
when u want to say some thing to me chick comment ok u are my friend hey and can i see u some time we have being commenting for.......a long time who about....well today is saturday so sunday k at 4:00 at guest house k gd right g2g :^o bye!!
Lilmisslisa Simpson (23 Dec 2007):
wow and i mean WOW long thing u righted for a comment lol... hey and now the way u said u nwanted a wii for christmas well i got 2 lol how do u like me now.....and guess how much they cost 200 u see my mum got 1 my dad got 1 and remeber they cost 200 so 200 and 200 is.....umm....lol. i was not that gd at maths only jking lol 400 so u righted that thing asking me to be ur friend today (comment me back k) gd so....i wish i saw u when u were on here today!!!! o and i hope i am on on christmas eve to!lol so i see u!! now wat esles did i want to tell u o i furget o well maybe i will remeber when i MIGHT see u lol bye love from lisa <3
Lilmisslisa Simpson (22 Dec 2007):
yea got ur message and wat made u talk about ur boy lol looked at all ur Comments looks like u ROCK....lol i got a 1 that says....u ROCK the wold ..... 8) but any ways it was to bad i didn't see u....wonder if u will be on at christmas day maybe o' wait u will be to BUSY cya...lol 8)
Lilmisslisa Simpson (17 Nov 2007):
yo waz up never seen u in a long time looks like u have been busy :!: i have been waiting for the cool boy to come online!!! 8) plzz come on
Grace Calothycos (12 Jul 2007):
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